How to Accelerate Your Project Engineer’s Careers in 2019

Think for a minute about the new project engineers that you have in your company, the guys and gals who are a little wet behind the ears, they’ve been with you for about six months or so now.

As you sit down with them towards the end of the year and think about how they can move forward in the new year, there are three questions you should ask them.

  1. What is your passion?
  2. What is your vision?
  3. How can you grow?

What is your passion? A lot of people say passion is overrated, but I don’t think it is in construction and I’ll tell you why. Construction is extremely challenging, extremely difficult and painful. If you’re going to have a successful career in construction, it has got to be something that you love. So, ask them specifically, what is your passion? You’ve been in the company for a while. What do you see that we do that you really enjoy? Because as they’re thinking about their passion, they can then go onto the next question and that is…

What is your vision? Ask them to map out for you, where they see their career going in the next three to five years. Have them paint a vivid picture of where they would like their career to go and then challenge them to seek out a mentor, specifically someone who has done what they want to do. Challenge them not to wait for someone to come to them to mentor them, but to reach out to someone and get into a mentorship relationship so that they can achieve their vision.

How can you grow? Challenge them to take on more responsibility. The best people in your organization are the ones who are seeking out and embracing responsibility so challenge them to do exactly that.

Thanks to Bill Rudder from The Haskell Company for these tips. He’s a very successful construction professional. I just did an interview with him for the Construction Leaders podcast which we are launching in 2019 so look out for that interview.