How to Build Confidence in Your Direct Reports

A strong team is essential to your success.  Building one requires time, investment, and empathy. In return, as your business grows, you’ll have dedicated and effective direct reports who continue to grow their skills and confidence. In this article, we’ll discuss what confidence is, why it’s essential, and the three things you can do to…

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3 Steps to Construction Sales Success

 Following is a summary of the webinar Click the link to get a free eBook:  The Secret of Construction Sales Success: 3 Steps to Construction Sales Success Three Things We Cover: The Psychology of High Performing Construction Sales Pros How to Craft a Strategic Approach, to Each Project You Pursue, So You Know Exactly…

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How to Survive the Construction Boom Without Going Insane

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Can You Be Happy and Insane? If you’re like most construction executives you are happy that the economy is booming. There is plenty of work to do, but you are also overwhelmed by the sheer volume of projects. Clients are demanding, deadlines loom, labor is tight, and if you’re not careful profits can fade…quickly. It’s…

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7 Ways to Build and Sustain a Winning Construction Company

I’ve been very busy (thanks to great clients) during the first few weeks of 2018. During that time I’ve been thinking about the similarities between two of my passions: business and sports. I’m a die-hard fan of the San Francisco 49ers. They are the only sports team that I’ll watch even when they are playing…

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