How Can You Be Happy?

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Happy People Make a Consistent Contribution to a Community A community is made of 1+, such as: friendship, family, civic, religious, business. How can you make your contribution? Know yourself Accept yourself Grow yourself Know yourself My communication skills are top 5%. I’ve built my business around them. Where do you excel? What do you…

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How Construction Professionals Achieve High Performance

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He stood alone, surrounded by a hostile crowd, 40,000 strong. It was the seventh and deciding…

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How Apple Increased It’s Market Cap. 300%

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An Untimely Death Steve Jobs, Apple’s iconic founder, died on October 5th, 2011. At the time…

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How To Break Project Failure Cycles

Construction Site and Workers Crane

In this economy, most construction companies are so busy, they neglect to make time to do…

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