3 Ways Great Leaders Generate Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm comes from the Greek work which means “possession by a god”. If you think about those old Greek myths when a god would come into someone or be manifested in the human form and they would be able to do superhuman things like today with Superman and Spiderman.

How can you generate enthusiasm in your leadership team? In other words, how can you generate a spirit that enables them to go beyond what they might naturally do in their contribution in your organization?

There are three ways that you can generate enthusiasm:

  1. Train – People have a hard time being enthusiastic if they are incompetent.
  2. Empower – Give them the opportunity to take their training and put it into action without you micromanaging them. No superhero likes to be micromanaged.
  3. Hold Accountable – “With great power comes great responsibility”, so you must hold people accountable for the tasks that they’ve been given to do.

If you do that piece of accountability, it really helps to maintain that enthusiasm because people know that they’re competent, they have been given responsibility, and they know that someone is going to ask them about how well they’re doing.