How to Build Confidence in Your Direct Reports

A strong team is essential to your success.  Building one requires time, investment, and empathy. In return, as your business grows, you’ll have dedicated and effective direct reports who continue to grow their skills and confidence. In this article, we’ll discuss what confidence is, why it’s essential, and the three things you can do to…

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How to Set Your Company Up for a Profitable Future

scott blake x ghf9LjrVg unsplash

Succession planning is challenging. According to a 2017 FMI survey of construction companies, 77% think their successors will come from internal candidates, and 43% of construction company owners intend to sell to their employees. If this is your plan, how can you identify the people that will take over your leadership role and buy the…

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3 Reasons Construction Leaders Fail (Webinar)

Here’s a webinar I recently hosted that you might find userful.

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