How can you STOP being a “boss” and START being a leader?

You’re probably more of a “boss” than a leader, and that’s worked for you up to now, but it’s not sustainable.


Because of something completely out of your control:

Construction Market Realities and Cultural Shifts.

Construction Market Realties: Field and Office talent are in high demand

Cultural Shifts: We’re a long way from World War II. Command and Control leadership is dead. This ain’t the military. Collaboration is King.

The days of walking on a job site, yelling and screaming, dictating what everyone is going to do, and then driving off in your truck, are gone.

If you (or your field leaders) are perceived as a jerk, your field employees won’t put up with.

They’ll quit and find another company to work for.

The same is true in the office.

Talented PEs and PMs are in high demand, particularly if they are young and relatively inexpensive to hire.

If they’ve gone to college, they are definitely not used to being dictated to.

They want a collaborative environment, and if they don’t get it from you, they’re gone.

So what should you do?

Stop being a BOSS, start being a LEADER.

Here’s a dead simple hack to help:

Instead of telling them what to do, ask:
“How do you see this problem being solved?”

Stop “bossing” with commands, and start leading with questions.

You can’t control Market Conditions or Cultural Shifts, but you can control yourself.

If you’re a boss/dictator it’ll feel weird to begin with. You might be even telling yourself “stop being a big sissy, and just tell them what to do!”

Don’t listen to that inner voice. Force yourself to become a great asker of questions. If you do, in the long run, your leadership will be much more effective.