How a Business Best Operates in Turbulent Times

Tech companies like Meta, Google, Apple are not only on the cutting edge of technology changes, but also in how what’s going on in the broader society impacts business operations, and employee relations.

I’ll never forget in March 2020 when Facebook canceled its Global Marketing Summit in San Francisco due to concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic.

You’ll also recall it was companies like Tesla that started the move away from work-from-home, back to the office in 2022.

There’s a movement in tech that has been led by companies like Coinbase, 37signals, and even Google (see the image below for a recent internal memo to employees from CEO, Sundar Pichai), away from the divisive trend, that’s become more prominent over the last decade, of introducing personal political opinions and agendas into the workplace.

The purpose of a business is to maximize profits for shareholders by finding, servicing and keeping customers.

In a capitalist system, this will never change.

Businesses operate best when they focus on this purpose and operate as meritocracies that attract, develop and retain employees who are in alignment with company culture and execute their job at a high level.

That’s it.

Company CEOs must keep this in mind, and like Google insist that “fights over disruptive issues or political debates” don’t hinder the fulfillment of the mission of the business.

What about you? How do you see companies operating? What’s the best way for company leaders to navigate choppy societal waters?