How Construction Companies Build a Simple, Powerful Succession Plan

How Construction Companies Build a Simple Powerful Succession Plan

 Alright, it’s 11 O’clock. This is Eric Anderton. Thank you for joining me today for how to build a simple, powerful succession plan for your construction company. 11 O’ clock on the Pacific coast here in the United States of America. It’s a beautiful day in California, the rain has finally stopped and we’re…

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Poor Succession Planning Leads to Frustration and Regret

Successful but Frustrated I was chatting recently with the partner of a construction company at an industry event. Over the past twenty-five years, he and his two partners have built a successful business. They have a stellar reputation for quality and safety, and they have their processes dialed in so well that they rarely fail…

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How Apple Increased It’s Market Cap. 300%

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An Untimely Death Steve Jobs, Apple’s iconic founder, died on October 5th, 2011. At the time…

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Prefab/Modular Construction Increasing

Prefabricated/Modular components are more popular with GCs then Subs, and with larger contractors ($100m +) than smaller contractors. “Half of all contractors using prefabricated and modular approaches expect to increase their use in the next three years.” Here are a few more highlights from the Q1 2018 Commercial Construction Index: 45% of contractors currently using…

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Q1 2018 Healthy Construction Market Data

2018 03 13 1149

I recently read the Commercial Construction Index published by USC Corporation and the U.S. Chamber of commerce. Construction continues to trend positively. Q1 2018 Backlog, New Business, Revenue/Profit Highlights: 80% of contractors report steady or increasing backlogs Average reported backlog: 8.9 months (Ideal backlog is 12.2 months) 58% of contractors want to hire 90% of…

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How To Break Project Failure Cycles

Construction Site and Workers Crane

In this economy, most construction companies are so busy, they neglect to make time to do…

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