How to Maintain Your Leadership Power

Do you ever sense you make lack a bit of power or authority in terms of your leadership, you can’t just step up and do what needs to be done? Perhaps the reason why is because you have a bad conscience.

One of the reasons you have a bad conscience is you are doing things that you know are wrong. If that’s the case in terms of the leadership of your organization, you must stop doing the things that you know are wrong. Identify them and stop doing them.

The second reason you may have a bad conscience is because you’re not doing the things that you know are right. What you need to do then is identify the things that are right and focus your energies on doing those things, so stop doing the wrong, start doing the right.

To begin that process, you must first admit when you have done things that are wrong and admit when you have not done things that are right. When you have admitted those things, first to yourself and then, if necessary, to others, you can make whatever amends are necessary and then put in place, practical steps for stopping the wrong and doing the right.

These are practical ways for you to maintain a good conscience as a leader and with that good conscience, you’ll have all of the authority and power you need to lead others in an extremely positive way.