Who Are You Developing to Take Your Place?

So, once again, let me just tell you. This is the reality. You’re not getting any younger. Right? We’ve all got gray hair. I know a lot of you here in this room. Right? We’re all around the same age, but we ain’t getting younger. Time is passing by.

I see some young talent in the room here. Right? Look around you and think about in my organization, who are the people who are taking my position. And let me just say this. If you want your organization to stick around beyond you— I mean, if you don’t, fair enough. That’s fine. But if you do, you should have at least 2 people identified right now who can take your position. And if you don’t, that’s something you need to work on in the next 12 months. You gotta have at least 2 people because you know what happens in life? It doesn’t work out the way that you plan. So, you spot someone who you think this is the person.

Right? And then 6 months later, they have a change of life circumstance and they leave. So, you should have at least 2 people who can fill your role.

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