A Simple Way to Focus on Talent Development

Okay? So, take a talent inventory. Evaluate a couple of key individuals. Map them on to this little graph that I gave you earlier. Okay? And so, think about a project manager. They need certain functional competencies and they need certain leadership competencies. So, for every position in your organization, map out the functional competencies and the leadership competencies necessary.

And then what you do is you put together a little analysis and you just red, yellow, and green it. Where are they green? They’re good to go. Where are they yellow? There’s some concern. And where are they red? If this doesn’t change, there’s gonna be issues. Okay? Every single person should have a map like this for their particular position so that you can think through where do they need help. So, pick a position. Make a list of up to 10 functional leadership competencies. Pick one person and red, yellow, green that person.

You guys understand that? Just pick one person to start. Don’t try and do everyone at once. Pick one person. Red, yellow, green ‘em. Okay? And then share that information with them. Don’t hide it from them. Be honest with them.

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