What’s Your Refund Policy?

What’s Your Refund Policy?

A couple of weeks ago I gave a 100% refund to a client.

We were 5 months into a 12-month period of working together.

I could have pro-rated the refund and reduced the amount by 40%.

I chose not to for three reasons:

1. Keep it simple
-Instead of going through the hassle of pro-rating. Explaining my reasoning. Exchanging emails. It was simpler to refund the entire amount.

2. Do what’s right
– I initiated the end of the agreement. Refunding all his money was the right thing to do.

3. Preserve the relationship
– I have a good relationship with the client. I’d like to work with his company again in the future. Giving 100% of the money back was a no-brainer.

100% refund doesn’t work for every industry. But you need some kind of policy in place for compensating clients if you are unable to fulfill your obligations.

What’s your refund policy?