The Future Leaders of Today: A Discussion with Justin White | Ep. 105

Half of today’s workforce are Millennials, and they are in critical leadership roles in most construction companies. 

In this week’s podcast episode, I had a great discussion with Justin White, the CEO of K&D Landscaping and a repeat guest, about the generalizations that the younger generation is facing up against, and how he managed to break that stereotypical mold. We also talked about how communication is key to be able to connect with people from different generations, and the future of the construction industry.

Whether you are a young, aspiring leader or a veteran in the construction field, tune in to this episode, gain some incredible insights on the future generation of leaders, and be a successful leader in a multigenerational team.

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What’s Discussed In This Episode:

0:00 Introduction
2:35 Justin’s long-term goals, his success, and breaking the stereotype
6:10 Justin and his young leadership team
7:05 Humility being the underlining value in the construction business
8:43 Being a young leader and the social stigma against millennials
11:00 Communication is the weakness of today’s generation
13:47 Entitlement is the result of instant gratification for the younger generation
15:09 The downsides and upsides of Generation Z
18:22 How Justin ensures communication within a multigenerational leadership team
21:06 Solving problems vs seeking opportunities
24:19 Self-awareness gives you vision and direction
25:55 Justin’s advice to millennials on succeeding in the construction industry


About the Guest:

Justin White is the President of K&D Landscaping a full-service construction and maintenance landscape company located in Santa Cruz, California.


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Thank you for tuning in!