Stuck! How to Help Someone Who is Struggling | Ep. 73

CG Ep 73 YT

You do not want to meddle in another person’s affairs, but sometimes it’s obvious that someone on your team is struggling. Their ability to perform at a high level is affected by what they are going through. They are stuck.

In this week’s episode of Construction Genius, I explore why people get stuck, the impact it has upon your organization, and how you can help people get unstuck.

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What’s Discussed in This Episode: 

  1. The first reason people get stuck: Skill [2:25]
  2. The second reason people get stuck: Relationships [3:49]
    • Client-based
    • Business development
    • Job specific basis
  3. The third reason people get stuck: Will [6:13]
    • Change in culture in construction
    • Change in technology
    • Change in economy
    • Personal crisis
  4. The impact of stuck people upon your organization, project partners, your clients [9:41]
  5. How to respond when someone in your organization is stuck [11:38]
  6. A simple framework of small steps you can take to help those who are stuck [15:09]
  7. A challenge to commit to meeting people who are stuck [21:53]


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