How to Ensure Smooth Project Hand-Offs from PM to PM | Ep. 109

How to Ensure Smooth Project Hand-Offs from PM to PM

In the construction industry, project hand-offs from one project manager to another are common occurrences from time to time. But despite how common it is, the transition is not always easy. New project managers face many challenges, including understanding the work involved and building relationships with fellow workers and the general contractor or owner.

In today’s Construction Genius podcast episode, I talk about how my client and I created a process that would ensure a smooth project hand-off from one project manager to another. The process is simple and doable. 

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Discussion Points:

0:00 Introduction
1:39 Eric shares a story about one of his clients
2:34 The three-step process that ‘John’ developed for a smooth project hand-off
3:24 1st step: Preparing a PM to PM hand-off meeting
4:25 2nd step: Introduce the new PM to the field team
4:57 3rd step: Introduce the new PM to the general contractor
7:07 Project hand-offs don’t have to result in frustration
7:21 Eric’s offer to CEO’s and construction business owners

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