How to Create a Win/Win Environment On Every Project You Build | Ep. 119

How to Create a WinWin Environment On Every Project You Build YT

The success of a construction project depends on owners, designers, GCs and trade partners working together as a team. But with the divergence of ideas and information, how can we achieve a win-win environment for each project-delivery process?

In this episode, we have Felipe Engineer-Manriquez, Director, Lean of McCarthy Building Companies, Inc., who will walk you through the fundamentals of strategic problem-solving when delivering projects to clients. We will also discuss the different project delivery methods and the mindset people need to adopt to provide desired results. 

Tune in now and stay with us until the end to discover the fool-proof way to project delivery!

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Discussion Points:

0:00 Introduction 

2:42 “Construction: it sucks, but it’s fun,” is it true?

3:55 Strategic problem-solving in the construction industry

6:02 Understanding the client’s perspective

12:04 The design-bid-build model

14:14 Educating clients about different types of project delivery

18:47 When do you walk away from a project opportunity?

22:22 Key performance indicators in construction

25:24 What is a non-commodity trade?

29:32 Why do projects fail?

31:06 The importance of increasing information flow in the success of a project

42:35 What is visual management?

44:29 Laying a foundation of respect for people

49:46 Healthy self-respect vs. unhealthy ego

58:25 Felipe’s opinion on the paradigm shift in the construction industry

1:05:46 How to achieve a more collaborative project delivery method

About the Guest: 

International Lean speaker, a serial intrapreneur, Felipe Engineer-Manriquez is a committed Lean practitioner sharing decades of construction industry experience as the host of The EBFC Show Podcast ( Engineer-Manriquez is an active contributing member of the Lean Construction Institute (LCI) and is an approved instructor/facilitator and 2019 LCI Chairman’s Award recipient for contributions to the Institute and the design and construction industry as a whole. Felipe has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, a Master of Business Administration, and leads the Lean Construction Program for McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. Moreover, Engineer-Manriquez is a Jeff Sutherland Certified ScrumMaster® and Scrum Trainer by Scrum Inc.™ in addition to being a Product Owner by Scrum Inc.™ and Certified [email protected] Practitioner™.


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