How to Build Relationships that Last Thirty Years | Ep. 98

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We all want clients to do business with us over the course of many years and this surely is not an easy feat as we know that clients come and go. If we want loyal clients, it is essential that we strive to build good relationships on a deeper level. Who you are as a person will contribute a lot to achieving long-term client relationships because if they like you, if they trust you, they are sure to do business with you – be it thirty years or more! 

This week’s Construction Genius podcast episode delves into what building relationships with clients mean and what it entails. Our guest, Cody Lowry, shares how he maintains good relationships with clients even to the point where he’s already considered family. Cody and I also discuss what having a personal brand is and how it affects businesses, how construction executives can build their personal brand, and a lot more. 

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What’s Discussed in This Episode:

  1. Building business on relationships [1:44]
  2. Dealing with clients and addressing issues [4:10]
  3. A thirty-year long relationship [5:38]
  4. Build your personal brand [7:53]
    • How to develop your personal brand [8:45]
  5. Connecting with your clients on a deeper level [10:12]
  6. The role of persistence and determination in long-term relationships [14:42]
  7. Involve employees in the process [16:37]
  8. Why people struggle in building relationships [18:02]
  9. Working amidst the pandemic [19:39]
  10. Staying relevant later on in the career [22:03]
  11. Lessons from a young professional [22:49]

About the Guest:

Cody Lowry is the President of Intermark Group’s Automotive and Retail Division. He is also the author of ‘Schmooze: What They Should Teach at Harvard Business School’. People who know Cody would describe him as unique, authentic, genuine, and very funny. He is known as someone who walks the talk. These attributes have helped him forge client relationships that are decades long. 


Books mentioned in this episode:

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