How to Avoid Overoptimism and Craft a Realistic Succession Plan | Ep. 101

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You know you have to do it, but crafting and executing a succession plan is not easy. There is a proper way of structuring it that will allow you to enjoy the rewards that a successful succession plan brings both emotionally and financially. 

In today’s episode, Dan Darchuck and I will be discussing everything about succession plans and why it is essential to your construction company. Importantly, Dan will explain why emotions play a crucial role in succession planning, why knowing the worth of your company matters, and when entrepreneurs should start making succession plans for the company. 

Learn the proper way of creating a succession plan for your construction company!

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What’s Discussed in This Episode:

  1. Why construction companies’ succession plans fail [01:32]
    • Choosing the wrong direction or path [02:33]
    • Other uncontrollable intrusions [04:03]
  2. Five elements tied to succession plans [04:35]
    • Which element is tied to making bad decisions [08:00]
  3. Figuring out what the business is worth for the entrepreneur [09:06]
  4. Best ways for a construction company to maximize opportunities [10:45]
    • How to choose the best option and avoiding pitfalls [12:06]
  5. Fundamental parts of the succession plan [14:25]
    • Looking at the emotional investment and levels of risks [17:06]
    • Real time vs. economic [18:42]
  6. Steps to take for a successful transition [21:41]
    • When to start making the succession plan [23:57]
    • Thinking ahead and preparing for anything [29:52]
  7. Who are the team players involved in the succession planning [30:54]
  8. Getting right back on track after experiencing difficulties [33:55]
  9. Seeing the construction company as a sports franchise to find the right talent [35:50]
  10. When to unveil the succession plan [38:14]
  11. Three action plans for construction company owners [40:06]

About the Guest:

Dan Darchuck is an expert financial adviser with over ten years of experience. He has helped many entrepreneurs create better investment strategies and financial decisions for the growth of their respective companies. He continues to be one of the most trusted professional financial advisers in practice. 


Books mentioned in this episode:

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