How to Build Confidence in Your Direct Reports | Ep. 195

How to Build Confidence in Your Direct Reports, Construction Genius Podcast, Construction Leadership, Employee Development.

Building a better company is difficult, a strong team makes it easier.

A strong team is essential to your success. Building one requires time, investment, and empathy. In return, as your business grows, you’ll have dedicated and effective direct reports who continue to grow their skills and confidence.

In this episode, you will discover how to boost your team’s confidence and unlock exponential growth.

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Highlights Include:

  • How to get your time back by “ignoring” direct reports (without sacrificing your growth)
  • The “competence formula” that maximizes your company’s return on time
  • The “Brain Share” method that great leaders use to get direct reports to solve problems
  • The “Soccer Ball” technique to get your teammates to learn quickly so you can multiply yourself
  • A “return on effort” time management trick to maximize team meetings
  • 2 “simple” questions to build rock-solid confidence with your direct reports (that makes you look like a hero)


Power Quotes: 

  1. Confidence is the belief in the effectiveness of your abilities
  2. Confidence impacts your ability to communicate with your customers
  3. Lack of confidence creates dependency
  4. Pride is another form of fear 
  5. Your responsibility is to build people so that they can build projects
  6. Competence builds confidence


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