It doesn’t matter what you think about the COVID mandates.

It doesn't matter what you think about the COVID mandates

Pro-vaccine, anti-vaccine, it’s all noise.

As a construction leader, there’s only one thing that matters:

Servicing your customers and delivering your projects on time, under budget, safely with a high degree of quality.

That’s what you did before the Pandemic. That’s what you’ve done during the Pandemic. That’s what you’ll do after the Pandemic.

Despite all the regulations you have to deal with, people being out sick, communication obstacles created by the hybrid work environment (not to mention all the pressures you have at home managing your family life), your responsibility to your customers remains.

Your responsibility as a leader remains: to show up with a good attitude every day.

The media’s business model involves provoking and profiting from fear, resentment, and rage.

If first thing in the morning, you’re checking out the latest headline on Drudge Report, The New York Times, or The Wall Street Journal, I guarantee that it will crater your attitude.

If your attitude sucks because of the headlines in the newspaper, you can be sure it’s affecting the people you lead.

You need to check yourself.

What can you do to show up every day with a good attitude?

  1. Be thankful. First thing in the morning, spend time alone. Reflect on the blessings in your life. You’ll be amazed how many you have.
  2. Read old books. Avoid the latest self-help “magic pills.” Seek out the stuff that lasts, that gives you inner strength.
  3. Exercise. Activity clears your head. Be consistent, particularly when times are tough.
  4. Manage your media consumption. If you must, get your news fix at night. Limit it as much as possible.

Don’t allow outside circumstances you have no control over drag down your morale and affect how you perform.

Never forget your number one responsibility: Taking care of your customers and leading your team to win and build projects profitably.

As far as work goes, that’s the only thing that matters.