How Ordinary Construction Executives Become Exceptional

How Ordinary Construction Executives Become Exceptional

Ordinary construction executives have their calendars stuffed with meetings from Monday through Friday.

You want to be exceptional. Here’s how you get there using an elimination strategy.

Look at your calendar. How many weekly project update meetings do you attend because you want to support your project manager or want the owner to see your face and understand that the company values the relationship?

For each meeting, ask yourself: “What is my contribution in this meeting, and how often do I need to make that contribution?”

​​I’m willing to bet that if you attended once a month, rather than weekly, that would be sufficient to accomplish your goals.

Every month, eliminate three of the four project update meetings from your calendar, and you’ll free up a tremendous amount of time.

You can use this time to focus on higher-level tasks, such as strategic planning or business development.

Exceptional executives consistently apply this elimination strategy to their calendars. Try it out!​​

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