How to Avoid Complacency and Drive High-Performance of Today’s Projects

How to Avoid Complacency and Drive High-Performance of Today’s Projects

Every sports franchise looks to its history to inspire its present, but winning today is what’s most important. The NFL playoffs are here, and last weekend, the Green Bay Packers, led by quarterback Aaron Rodgers, took on the San Francisco 49ers. The Packers and Rodgers won the Super Bowl in 2011. Over the next decade they failed to win or even compete in another championship, and the fan base was getting frustrated.

This year, Rodgers enjoyed a tremendous regular season and was poised to cement his legacy as one of the greatest players in the game’s history if he could beat the 49ers and lead his team through the playoffs to a victory in the Super Bowl.

Like sports, construction is a “what have you done for me lately?” business. If you’re on a project and you’re not performing well, you have no right to point back to a project three or four years ago and say, “Hey, look, that one was profitable.”

You understand this, but what about your Project Managers (PMs)? If they are going to succeed, they must embrace a competitive, performance-based mindset. Let’s explore how you can help them do that using your company values.

Meet with your PMs, take out the values of your organization, walk through each one of the values and ask them this question: “In what specific ways can you demonstrate these values on your current project?”

Give them two minutes to write down as many ideas as come to mind.

For example, if one of your values is Customer Service, a high-performer will commit to returning all client calls and emails within 24 hours (at the most). A poor performer will let issues slide and damage how your clients view your company.

After the two minutes is up, have them pick their top idea and hold them accountable for executing this idea in the next thirty days.

Unfortunately for the Packers, Aaron Rodgers performed below par against the 49ers. He failed to sustain a fast start, and the 49ers won the game on a last-second field goal. The Green Bay media and disappointed fans ripped Rodgers and the team. Nobody was talking about his 2011 Super Bowl win; everyone focused on the present loss, and rightfully so.

Your leadership responsibility is to keep your people focused on present performance. Remember your past successes, but never forget that today’s execution is what counts.

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