Boom Times are Dangerous for Construction Companies

Alignment Assessement

In boom times many construction companies are so busy doing work that they neglect the fundamentals that are essential to success.

They get out of alignment, quality deteriorates, stress increases, and profit fades.
How do you know you’re in alignment? Check out the following statements. Would you answer them “yes” or “no”?

  1. We have clearly identified the purpose of our business.
  2. We clearly and consistently communicate that purpose to our employees.
  3. We have clearly identified the values that define how our company behaves.
  4. We clearly and consistently communicate our values to our employees.
  5. Our values drive how we do business.
  6. Our values drive whom we hire and fire.
  7. Our values are aligned with our strategy.
  8. Our values drive whom we do business with.
  9. We have identified our ideal client type.
  10. We know our ideal job type.
  11. We only do projects in geographic areas that are profitable for us.
  12. We know how to accurately estimate.
  13. We have regular handoff meetings between estimating and the field at the beginning of each project.
  14. We have weekly project meetings to track job progress.
  15. Our foremen have daily meetings with their crews to make sure everyone’s on the same page.
  16. We have metrics that track the quality, safety, and speed of our projects.
  17. We hold our field personnel accountable for those metrics.
  18. We have regular post-project meetings to analyze bid accuracy and lessons learned.
  19. We have identified the most important priority our company needs to accomplish in the next 90 days.
  20. We communicate that to all our employees (at least) weekly.

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If you answered any of these statements “no” then your business may be in need of a realignment, and we should talk. Feel free to contact me via my LinkedIn profile.

I use proven 4 part process to help you align your organization so that you have the right people in place, building the right projects, the right way, for the right clients.

The process is simple, systematic, and will result in a straightforward one-page plan that you and your entire organization will understand and be able to commit to.