What Makes an Effective Construction Executive?

As you’re putting together your succession plan for your construction company, you should be asking yourself what makes an effective construction executive. I’d like to suggest 3 traits to look for in a future leader in your organization.

  1. An Inquiring Mind
  2. A Comprehensive Approach
  3. Stay Calm

An Inquiring Mind
When they walk on to a job site and there is an issue, their first thought shouldn’t be how are we going to fix it. Their first thought should be why is this occurring, because if they can get to the root issue that is producing problems, then they can be much more effective in their approach to fixing it.

A Comprehensive Approach
Problems come from 3 sources in a construction company: People, Processes, Project Types

They must have a comprehensive approach and understanding of where problems come from if they’re going to be effective at solving them.

Stay Calm
Getting excited or over emotional is not helpful. There’s enough stress involved with building a profitable project. They need to have control of themselves and that often grows as someone gets older.

So, make sure that when you’re putting together your succession plan, work with people that you’ve designated for future positions to help them to have an inquiring mind, to be comprehensive in their approach to problem solving, and then lastly to be calm.