Play to Win! How to Define Your Business Development Process

Play to Win How to Define Your Business Development Process

One of my coaching clients is a business development executive for an excellent general contractor.

Early this week, I was helping him to define his business development process, and we identified three things that he needs to focus on to win the right types of projects with the right kinds of clients.

1: Know yourself.
How do you like to win work? Are you a hard bid contractor? Or do you prefer negotiating work? Make sure you understand how you want to do business, and that will help you focus your business development activities.

2: Know your niche
Everybody knows this is important, but few construction companies take time to define their niche. A niche describes the geographic locations you work in and the clients you like to work with and the project types you build best.

One of the neat things about this client that I coach is they have recently won a bunch of great work in the same area.

Having a cluster of projects in one area is fantastic because the project executives don’t have to spend hours of windshield time driving from job to job, and that will have a direct impact on the bottom line.

The final thing you have to do is:

3: Define your game
How do you prefer to do business? Your mindset should be that your company is “the prize.” It is a privilege for clients and project partners to work with you. Define the game that you want to play. Don’t react to how others play their game, get clear on what’s best for you, and then invite people to participate. This may seem bold, but if you’re good at what you do, and consistently deliver value, people will be scrambling to work with you and willing to modify their behavior for your benefit.

My client found our conversation deeply helpful,
He is committed to building his business development process by and implementing the three steps: know yourself, know your niche, define your game.

Are you a construction company owner or senior executive?
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