How to Remove 3 Roadblocks to Excellence

How to Remove 3 Roadblocks to Excellence

In high school, Adam and I were drummers in garage bands.
I was naturally talented, able to sit behind a kit and bang out the latest song by The Clash or The Cure. Adam was goofy and awkward and could barely keep a rhythm. Actually, I’m being kind… HE SUCKED!

I coasted on my talent, content to soak up the applause of the small crowds my band played for. Adam was different. He knew he wasn’t that good, but he was determined to excel.

To achieve excellence you must remove three roadblocks:

  1. Lack of Understanding
  2. Lack of Will or Drive
  3. Bad Environment
    • Adam took lessons, while I hung out at the pub.
    • Adam practiced in private, while I chased girls.
    • Adam hung out with musicians who wanted to improve. I sat around in my bedroom.

I was blown away.
Six months later I went to one of his gigs. His dedication and persistence had made a massive impact. He was way better than me. Smoothly navigating the drum kit, providing a rock-solid beat for his band to build a wall of sound around.

Take a lesson from Adam
He wasn’t talented, but he excelled because he was committed to improving.

There are very few “born-leaders”
There are many who have learned leadership, and the road to becoming a great leader never really ends. Even if you are not naturally talented, you can still excel, if you figure out the formula for success and dedicate yourself to achieving it.

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