How to Make Money, Every Day

How to Make Money, Every Day

One of my coaching clients told me:

“I don’t get out of bed to break even. I want to safely make money, every day.”

That’s holding himself accountable.

If you’re a construction leader you know the importance of accountability.

But you may struggle to hold people accountable.

If you want to improve, it’s never too late, read on to learn how.

First, what is accountability?

Accountability is holding people responsible for their actions and outcomes.

Appropriate to their authority and within their realm of responsibility.

Why is accountability necessary?

People can be lazy, selfish, weak, fearful, and arrogant.

But with a little help, they can also be diligent, sacrificial, strong, courageous, and humble.

Accountability is that little help.

How do you hold people accountable?

Get into a rhythm of accountability, particularly with new team members.

Don’t overdo it.

Don’t micromanage.

Instead, ask the three questions:

  • Did you do it?
  • If not, why not?
  • And how can I help?

If you find yourself resisting holding those accountable conversations because you hate conflict or you’re too busy, keep in mind accountability’s benefits:

  • Regular accountable conversations reveal areas that need improvement.
  • It filters out cowboys or mavericks who may have technical skills but often shift the blame onto others and don’t take responsibility for project outcomes
  • Accountable teams are winning teams and winning is fun.

Your action item: Start with one person on your team. Schedule an accountable conversation with them this week. Keep is short, keep it simple. Be consistent.

If you do this, you’ll find that, like my client, you and your team start to make money, every day.