How to Evaluate the Strengths (and Weaknesses) of Your Team

How to Evaluate the Strengths (and Weaknesses) of Your Team

Construction is a team sport.

Your success is a direct reflection of the performance of your individual team members and how well they function together.

Like a sports GM, you must constantly evaluate the quality of your team so that performance improves.

Here’s how to do it.
1. Create a spreadsheet.
2. Populate with name and position.
3. Evaluate each person in three areas:
– Technical Skills
– People Skills
– Desire/Will

The evaluation criteria:
Minus: Below standard
Neutral: At standard
Plus: Above standard

(Don’t overthink it)

Then evaluate their Potential: High, Medium, Low

Finally, select One Area of Improvement for each person.

Not 2 or 3.


If your time is limited, only work with the high-potentials, they’ll give you the most bang for your buck.

Repeat the process every 90 days.

Over time: develop your high-potentials, manage your mediums, and remove your underperformers.

If you are consistent, the quality of your team will grow, and you’ll notice the difference in the profitability of your projects.

Click this link to grab the spreadsheet