How Should Construction Leaders Handle Generational Differences?

Many of the generational differences are superficial and they’re based on things like music, culture. Superficial cultural differences. That being said, I do think that there are potentially less people who are willing to go into construction now than they were a few years ago. Okay? The pool isn’t as big, but there are people out there who are young and who are willing to come in to the tough environment of construction and kick some butt. It’s just harder to find those people.

I want to encourage you in your mindset as a leader not to focus on the differences. Think about how your kids drive you crazy, right, if you still have kids at the house. They drive you crazy in those generational differences. My kids love playing Fortnite, right? I couldn’t care less about Fortnite. I’ll play Madden with them, but I’m not gonna play Fortnite, or maybe Call of Duty. Now, anyway. Those differences are superficial.

You have to get beyond those superficial differences and understand that human beings from generation to generation pretty much have the same drives.

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