How can you help your estimators to improve their productivity?

Well, the answer is you can’t because productivity is not in their control. What is in their control is the activity that leads to the productivity. You cannot control productivity, but you can control activity. And if you control activity, it will lead to productivity.

So, make sure that they understand the activities they need to execute in order to achieve the productivity of winning work.

Then ask them “in what specific ways can you improve the quality of your activity?” Have them identify a step that they have a challenge with and then work with them on specific things they can do to improve their execution of that particular activity.

The third thing that you can do to help them to improve their productivity is to encourage them to be diligent. Nothing substitutes for hard work.

Make sure that they understand they can’t control their productivity, but they can control their activity, and to focus in on the activities they need to improve upon in order to achieve that productivity and then encourage them to work hard. This is how you’re going to help your estimators improve their productivity.

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