Five Ways to Prepare for a Great Day, Every Day

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You know how vital it is to prepare for bidding, planning, and building work  You prepare before presenting a proposal to a client. Your PMs put weeks into planning a project. Your foremen conduct tailgate meetings every day, getting ready for a great day of executing work. How much time do you take, each day, to…

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How to Resolve He Said/She Said Conflicts

He said

One day last week, there was an uproar at my house. My kids were playing, (more like fighting), together. A conflict had occurred, and it turned into a classic, “he said, she said” dispute. These happen when conflicting parties express opposing accounts of an event or situation. When you don’t witness them directly, they are…

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How to Understand, Accept, and Use Adversity

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Play to Win! How to Define Your Business Development Process

Play to Win How to Define Your Business Development Process

One of my coaching clients is a business development executive for an excellent general contractor. Early this week, I was helping him to define his business development process, and we identified three things that he needs to focus on to win the right types of projects with the right kinds of clients. 1: Know yourself….

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Slow, Quick, Slow: How to Build Trust with Project Partners

Slow Quick Slow How to Build Trust with Project Partners

Construction is extremely complex, local, and specialized. The reason we have subcontractors in many trades working on projects is that they have the specific skill and knowledge that is necessary to build a quality project. So, working with project partners that you trust is essential. How can you build trust with your project partners? Be…

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The Urgent/Important Matrix: How to Reduce Overwhelm and Increase Effectiveness

The Urgent Important Matrix How to Reduce Overwhelm and Increase Effectiveness

I’m coaching a young leader who I call “The Pioneer” He’s blazing a trail at a new location for his construction company. A couple weeks ago, I sensed he was a little frustrated and overwhelmed, so I introduced him to a simple, but powerful framework to help him efficiently focus his time on what’s most…

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