Breaking Free from the “Short and Curlies” Syndrome: How to Regain Control and Be Fearless in Your Business

Breaking Free from the “Short and Curlies” Syndrome: How to Regain Control and Be Fearless in Your Business

Understanding the “Short and Curlies” Syndrome and Its Impact on Your Business

Do you feel like your employees or clients have an unfair amount of control over your business? If so, you may be suffering from the “Short and Curlies” syndrome. This phenomenon occurs when employees and clients hold you in a tight grip, leveraging the relationship to their advantage. The result is poor employee performance and difficult customer behavior, which can have a significant impact on your business’s success.

The Root Cause: Scarcity of Potential Employees and Clients

The primary reason behind this problem is the shortage of potential employees and customers. When there’s a scarcity of talent and clients, business owners often feel compelled to hold onto underperforming employees and tolerate bad clients, fearing that they won’t find replacements easily.

The Solution: Keep Your Funnel Full and Handpick the Best of the Best

To combat the “Short and Curlies” syndrome, you need to keep your funnel full of potential employees and clients. This allows you to handpick the best of the best, ensuring no one has the power to hold you by the short and curlies. But how can you achieve this?

Your Game Plan for Overcoming the “Short and Curlies” Syndrome

To overcome this syndrome and regain control of your business, follow this two-pronged game plan:

Relentless Talent Scouting: Find the Right People for the Right Seats
Be relentless in searching for the right people to fill the right seats in your organization. Consistently scout for talent and keep your funnel full. Each week, make a commitment to talk to at least one talented person from outside your company. It might take you years to bring them in, but keep having the conversations. This proactive approach will ensure that you always have a pool of potential employees to choose from.

Aggressive Business Development: Attract the Ideal Clients and Projects
Be aggressive in your business development. Start by getting crystal clear on your ideal client, project, and location. Don’t just wait for customers to come to you; make a list of potential clients and set aside time each week to contact them and explain why they should choose you for their next project. This strategy will help you fill your funnel with great projects and clients, giving you the power to be more selective.

Embrace the Mantra: “When My Funnel is Full, Then I Am Fearless”

As you follow this game plan, make this your mantra: “When my funnel is full, then I am fearless.”

By consistently filling your funnel with great people and great projects, you’ll gain the power to fire underperforming employees and either part ways with difficult clients or charge a premium for putting up with their headaches.

Reclaim Your Power and Don’t Let Anyone Hold You by the Short and Curlies

By following this strategy, you’ll regain control of your business and be able to build a team of top performers and work with clients who respect and appreciate your services. Remember, when your funnel is full, you can be fearless. Don’t let anyone hold you by the Short and Curlies – take control and watch your business thrive.

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