A “Prodigal Son’s” Non-Traditional Approach to Construction Success

A Prodigal Sons Non Traditional Approach to Construction Success

The Prodigal Son Returns I recently sat down with Mark Bley, the President and CEO of Dome Construction, a leading general contractor in the San Francisco Bay area. To listen to the full interview, click this link, and check out the Construction Genius podcast episode. He took an indirect path to that impressive position, however,…

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3 Steps to Construction Sales Success

 Following is a summary of the webinar Click the link to get a free eBook:  The Secret of Construction Sales Success: 3 Steps to Construction Sales Success Three Things We Cover: The Psychology of High Performing Construction Sales Pros How to Craft a Strategic Approach, to Each Project You Pursue, So You Know Exactly…

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How to Structure One-to-One Meetings to Improve Communication and Project Performance

bigstock Metalworker and engineer meeti 239640973

A profitable construction company is built on the foundation of superior skill and excellent communication. You can have excellent skill, but the communication is essential to effectively deploying that skill in the field and throughout the business. The best construction companies are the ones that have a clear and consistent means of communicating information, surfacing…

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3 Ways Construction Leaders Maximize Talent

ways construction leaders maximize talent

There are 3 types of people you should concern yourself with: Workhorses Superstar Misfits

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How to Get a 37% Hit Rate When Bidding Construction Projects

bidding construction projects

1. Identify your core client: Right job, right location, right client

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3 Reasons Construction Leaders Fail (Webinar)

Here’s a webinar I recently hosted that you might find userful.

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