Zach Rosenbloom

I am a good leader but I can get in the habit of failing to engage people, and everyone needs to improve. 

I took the course, on the suggestion of my boss, to get more professional training.  It was enjoyable and I learned a lot about being more goal oriented.  This course helped me to reevaluate the way I look at work and my career.  It is so easy to get caught up with just grinding it out day to day but if you change your mindset about how to be a better leader you will be.

It was interesting to see different approaches to construction. 

It was good to be thrown into groups with mostly people I didn’t know and most of them were great to chat with.  It was also good for networking.  SR Freeman is a company we have started to work with so it was great to be able to speak to folks from there to gain trust and build our relationship. 

There are many key ideas I picked up during the course.

Such as how to run online meetings, dealing with difficult situations, the art of effectively negotiating with difficult people, and being more goal oriented with specifics.  

To get the most of the course go into it open minded. 

I personally have this deep feeling that I got to where I am without any trainings so what else could I learn?  Well, there is a lot to learn and you need to tell yourself that.  Eric was a good teacher; he was very engaging and spoke very well. He is available if you have questions on it as some of the concepts might be new to you. To prepare for the class you must commit that you will be giving your 100% attention to the class because otherwise you are wasting your time and money and you will not get out what you should.   

I do feel like after the course I am a stronger leader.

I have made sure to make myself accountable for being more personal with everyone across the board.

Zach Rosenbloom

Vice President, SierraCon