Tom Warner

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the coaching you’ve done with me. At first, I wasn’t sure about the time and cost, the things you’ve always got to think about in contracting. But the value you’ve brought to my career makes it all worth it.

Working with you, I’ve realized managing people is as hard as managing projects. You’ve got me seeing every interaction in my company as a chance to learn and grow if I approach it right.

One of the top things I like about your services is how you help me get my thoughts straight and turn them into a plan. These plans are not just for right now, but they’re tools I can use for things that come up later.

You’ve also helped me with emotional intelligence, and getting better at understanding people. With your help, I’ve learned to see things from different views, to understand that everyone on my team is unique, and they need to be handled differently. This has made a huge difference in my job and given me a new focus and sense of purpose.

Your deep understanding of the construction business is a big plus. It’s clear you’ve worked with a bunch of different contractors and bring all that experience to the table. You’ve seen a lot and you know what works.

I’d definitely recommend your services. They’re great for new managers or those dealing with changes in the company. Your coaching helps guide folks learning to manage for the first time or taking on bigger roles.

Lastly, I’m looking forward to using your services again in the future. The tools you’ve given me are adaptable and I know they’ll keep being useful in different situations.

Thanks again, Eric, for your top-notch coaching and guidance.

Tom Warner

Area Manager, Bay Cities Paving & Grading Inc.