Tom Griffith – Construction Business Coaching Testimonial


Our people are our greatest asset, and we prioritize investing in them. However, we are careful and thoughtful about introducing any type of coaching or outside influence into Teichert. Budget constraints are always a concern, and we have to make sure that there is both a style and knowledge fit.

We use a few other coaches and consultants, but we feel a specific connection to your style and our values and style, and you are knowledgeable about the construction business, which is helpful. I personally like that you get to the point and you are efficient. In team meetings, you keep the group moving, and that helps us gain early traction in important areas, identifying action items that we need to focus on.

I appreciate that you not only conduct facilitated working sessions that lay out an action plan, but you also provide a degree of accountability, and follow-up to make sure that the action items are done. That helps us get traction and make sustainable progress.

In addition to the good facilitation, there are several other benefits of working with you.
You have worldly knowledge of leadership, personality types, and you are able to provide coaching and advice. The ProfileXT assessment tool that you use (and the coaching you provide with it) helps us understand how people tick before we try to manage them. On top of that I appreciate the personal connection you and I have.

I recommend your services because of the quality of the interactions we’ve had with you. In one sentence: “If you really want or need to get traction or get something done, I would definitely recommend Eric to get launched.”

Tom Griffith Teichert

Tom Griffith – Construction Business Coaching Testimonial

President, Teichert Construction