Shone Freeman – Strategic Planning Testimonial


My past experience with consultants almost prevented me from working with you. With consultants you don’t always get what you’re hoping to get out of it. You and I managed to circumvent that though. In your articles that I read before we started working together, the content and how you thought about things resonated with me. That’s why I was willing to take a chance.

The most beneficial thing I found in working with you was your simple and effective strategic planning process. It can be used over, and over, and over without becoming tired and stale. It’s a good way to engage a team and have them take accountability and ownership over creating things that are going to propel the business forward.

I liked working with you because you’re a down to earth person, you’re not phony, and you keep everything brief. You and I have a similar psychology and we were able to meet and talk and have the synergistic approach to problem solving.

You bring a unique skillset to the table. I know you’re not a construction nuts and bolts guy, but you understand construction companies’ problems, which are really most businesses problems, and your straightforward approach sets you up to deal with construction companies and their leaders more so than others. You don’t use unnecessary big words, or “Harvard” type concepts. You just boil stuff down and make it accessible to everyone.

Sometimes there are obstacles in the way, some we can see, some we can’t, and some that we need a tweaked tool to overcome. You provide that tweak, and your outside perspective helps put everyone’s expectations and pretenses aside so that you can just get down to the heart of what you’re trying to do.

We are all trying to move forward, and I would recommend your services to the right people. People who are receptive, that you can help see things in a way that can propel them forward.

Shone Freeman SR Freeman

Shone Freeman – Strategic Planning Testimonial

President, SR Freeman Inc.