Shone Freeman

The problems out there in the construction business community are rarely isolated events. 

While our disciplines may be somewhat different, we all struggle with certain things that are part of human nature in work settings.

I am a proponent of training, and doing so with my team whenever possible.  

Eric puts together great courses, and the virtual format was no problem. As with many things, I remain a student and continue to refine and add skills.  This was certainly an opportunity where I added and refined some skills.

The course is for construction people, and we all have some similarity. 

It covered a big array of topics which we all can tend to struggle with. I think that the “Kick Ass Meetings” (K.A.M) format is really a great tool.  I love how it focuses, and gets to the important things quickly. I am using the K.A.M. format in some of my one-on-one meetings. Another thing is that I am more demanding that the meetings I participate in are efficient and succinct.  

Most of these concepts we think about and come to our own conclusions about what they mean to us. 

Exploring these things in this setting and with the others involved brought some insights that are definitely helpful and will be put into use right away. I enjoyed the quicker pace and the break out rooms which helped me to understand different viewpoints and where others struggle as well. Sometimes outside opinions can be easy to give and hold lots of value.

For me, I ended up leading most or all of the breakout groups.  This was sort of by design and also because nobody else jumped up to lead.  It made me pay close attention, and practice the concepts we were working on right away, and somewhat under-the-gun!  

There are many benefits to the course:  from learning a few techniques like K.A.M., to some different perspectives on how to lead.  I also think that when you participate in a class, it puts you in a different frame of mind so that you can re-examine what you do, what’s effective, and what’s not.  That is a great thing to do periodically. 

You will take away some things that will serve you every day and for the rest of your career.
If you are serious about leadership, whether you’re climbing the ladder or at the top, how your company performs, how you can improve your performance, and how you can help others – it is worth the investment of resources.  

I thought the course was excellent!  

I’m satisfied with the investments of time and money for me and my staff. Eric is positive, fast-paced, and has good energy.  I would recommend the course to anyone who is (or will be) in a leadership position.  It covers some real-world, effective concepts.

Show up open-minded and ready to challenge what you know.  

Be ready to participate.  Block off the time and go all in.

Shone Freeman

 President, S.R. Freeman, Inc.