Sean O’Donnell

I took this course so I could look at leadership from a different perspective.

My leadership style is to provide my guys with guidance and direction.  Not to micromanage but to teach and learn how we as a team can do things better. The course made me feel like I have been taught good traits from my bosses who I look up to. I feel good knowing I am on the right path to my future of leading my office. I’m growing and that will translate into my team growing.

What’s unique about this course is engaging with others in small groups.

We all have goals and want to strive for the best. I learned from the other participants in the course that a lot of us think the same.  I really liked the breakout groups and discussing issues with different people that were not from the same company.  To begin with, it was tough to “drop the mask” but I decided to “kill the bear” and it worked out ok.

The course has strong content, is very engaging, and makes you think outside of the box.

The webinars were very informative which kept me interested and engaged. I learned to be more specific. Instead of planning a future task, make a plan right there and then including dates and times. It pushed me to set up weekly Forman meetings right away.

I enjoyed Eric’s enthusiasm. He has great stories. Especially the one about Madison Bumgarner in the High-Performance Class. The Construction Leaders Dashboard enabled me to have a great conversation with my boss pertaining to my current and future goals. I also have all my foremen currently filling out the Dashboard.  I can’t wait to see what their visions are.

I would recommend this course so that leaders young and old see things through a different light.

I think sometimes you get blinders on regarding leadership.  These webinars make you see different perspectives. Keep an open mind and engage as much as possible.

Sean O’Donnell

Director of North Bay Operations, S.R. Freeman, Inc.