Sean Cook – Strategic Planning Testimonial

Dear Eric:

Thanks for all the help you have provided my company over the last year through your business coaching and consulting. Cook Engineering is on track to achieving the highest revenue and profit figures in more than five years, and you have made a significant contribution to that success.

Personally, you have been a great sounding board for me. Your impartial perspective helps me think clearly through challenges I face and reach conclusions that contribute to the growth and profitability of my company.

The strategic planning format you introduced is terrific. We have clearly articulated the purpose of our business, the values that drive our actions, and how Cook Engineering is going to be successful. We now have a straightforward, repeatable process to plan and take action.
Communication in my company has improved significantly. I have implemented the meeting structure you taught us, and that has smoothed out field to office information flow and enabled us to run our jobs more efficiently.

The “D|SC” profiling of my team has given all of us insight into our behavioral styles, and this understanding has helped us build relationships that are more positive.

Eric, I am excited about my business, and appreciate your contribution, helping me build my company for a profitable future.


Sean Cook – Strategic Planning Testimonial

President, Cook Engineering