Rob Lyttle

The biggest obstacle that could have prevented me from using Eric’s services was the cost component. Investing in coaching is rarely cheap, but not investing in yourself can be more of an expense. It’s really just about wrapping your head around the need to invest in yourself to get better.

Since starting with Eric, I’ve found peace of mind. Being 16 years into my construction business and far removed from working under someone else’s leadership, it’s hard to know if you’re on the right track. Having Eric as a sounding board to back you up and steer you a little bit has been extremely important.

What I specifically value about our sessions is the face-to-face interaction, even though it’s virtual. It feels more personal and holds me more accountable than a phone call or an email. Seeing each other, even across the country via Zoom, makes a big difference.

The tools Eric has equipped me with are simple yet effective, and I’ve been able to pass these on to my management team. This includes things like checklists and one-on-one meeting techniques, which have significantly helped my organization. The consistency of Eric’s messaging across his book, podcast, and our sessions keeps the message clear and helps avoid getting lost in the weeds.

Eric’s understanding and experience within the construction industry set him apart. He interacts with construction leaders across various disciplines and regions, gathering insights that are incredibly relevant to our shared challenges. This specialized focus gives him an edge over more general coaches.

I would recommend Eric’s coaching, but only to those who are ready and willing to be coached. Not everyone is at a stage where they can truly benefit from what Eric offers. For those who are ready to invest in themselves and believe in the value of coaching, Eric is the only construction coach I would recommend.

The ROI from Eric’s coaching might be hard to quantify immediately, but the changes we’ve implemented are already improving our efficiency and productivity. I’m confident these changes will soon reflect financially, directly due to Eric’s influence.

Thanks, Eric, for dedicating your career to advancing people in the construction industry. It’s invaluable to have such a knowledgeable and specialized coach to turn to.”

Rob Lyttle

CEO, Western Michigan Dirtworks