Rick Chowdry

Dear Eric,

Thank you for the exceptional services you provided for us at Intech Mechanical during our succession planning process. I must admit that initially, I was hesitant due to concerns about the cost and finding the time to focus on the important issues at hand. However, your expertise and professionalism put those concerns to rest, and I am grateful for the work you did for us.

Your ability to facilitate our discussions and drill down to the key issues quickly and efficiently was invaluable to us. We were able to say things that needed to be said that we may not have otherwise, and your framework brought us clarity on where we were headed, as well as actionable steps to get there.

I was impressed with the organized process you introduced to us, which was a great use of our time. We didn’t waste any time talking about peripheral stuff and were able to focus on what was important. In fact, we were able to accomplish more in a shorter amount of time than we thought possible. Thanks to your guidance, we had actionable items to work with when we were done, and we have already started implementing them. I have even built company structure based on some of the things we discussed, showing where the empty boxes were and starting to move people around.

Your knowledge of the construction industry and its nuances was also a big deal for us. You were able to understand the unique issues that we face and speak our language, which was incredibly helpful in the process.

I would highly recommend your services to anyone looking to develop a succession plan. Your knowledge of our industry, your structured and organized process, and your ability to drill down to the key issues quickly and efficiently make you an invaluable asset to any organization. I am a real bottom line guy, and your services delivered on that front and more.

Once again, thank you for your excellent work, Eric. We truly enjoyed the process and are excited about the future of our company.


Rick Chowdry

President, Intech Mechanical