Matt Seals – Business Meetings Testimonial


When I first looked at the fee for your service, it seemed rather expensive. After looking at the time you were going to spend on us, not just the time you were going to spend interacting with us, but the time spent doing research in the background, and then trying to come up with like an hourly cost type of assumption I realized it was a fair value.

We haven’t been working together for long, but I have already seen positive impacts. So far, your service has forced everybody to step out of the silo and not only convince their peers in the room, but to convince somebody that’s not really part of the group. This requires them to make a more compelling argument when they voice their opinion to someone like you, someone outside the circle.

In our meetings, I felt that one question would lead to another follow-up question, which would lead to another follow-up question. I liked that evolutionary process that we went through, taking a small piece of the issue, and focusing on that, asking questions and then moving on to the next piece of the issue and then asking questions and doing that kind of logical deep analysis of the overall issue and then trying to bring it all back together at the end to come up with some collective solution.

This was a much more efficient use of time than how our meeting used to run. Before, we could have spent four meetings, each an hour to an hour and half long, talking in circles. With your facilitation, we have been able to get more done in less time. You have a way of bringing people back on track, of coming back to unanswered questions to get the answers we need. This is where some of the value comes in. People realize, with you there, that we are paying for something and that we need to use our time more prudently.

One aspect I found very helpful was the ProfileXT (PXT) assessment. It has allowed us to bring a tangible tool to the problem. Before, everyone was second guessing their own opinion of people, and this tool has helped demonstrate that maybe they had the wrong thought about an individual. Anytime you can take second guessing yourself out of an equation, it helps the process, and I think PXT has helped eliminate some of that.

I would absolutely recommend your services. Your success depends on your clients’ success and vice versa, it’s a reciprocal relationship. Though we’ve only had one conference call and one private call, the employees and I see value in bringing you to the table. After the first meeting we felt like we should have brought you in sooner, and not wasted time beating our heads against the wall for the last few years.

Matt Seals Seals Construction

Matt Seals – Business Meetings Testimonial

President, Seals Construction