Kyle O’Born

I wanted to improve my managerial skills and abilities to utilize them.

I want to be a leader that remains composed under pressure and this course has provided me with resources and ideas to achieve this. During the course I felt relaxed like I was at an oasis. At the end of the course, I feel thankful for the opportunity and for the knowledge/resources that I have gained.

The biggest benefits occurred from the open discussions with people in the same industry as me.

I have never participated in leadership training with people from different companies so I found this to be unique and valuable. The webinar was a great experience with real time interactions, very informative, and organized. When we had to chat into the group chat quickly it helped create group engagement. The other participants provided me with new perspectives on topics that I have never been exposed to.

This course personally helped me recognize my weaknesses and where I need to focus my efforts for improvement.

The toughest moment I encountered was having to prepare for a challenging conversation that I needed to have. When we were introduced to the “preparing an issue for team discussion” worksheet I was thrilled because it allows you to break down an issue until you have pinpointed the specific results that you need in order to resolve the issue.

Eric has helped me by pointing out my strengths and areas of improvement through the feedback that he has provided me with.

He is a passionate teacher that is very creative by utilizing breakout sessions. I would recommend this course because of the interactions I had with Eric and other participants. I was surrounded by intelligent individuals.

If you take this course recognize this as an opportunity to better yourself and those around you. Eliminate all distractions for the duration of the webinar. Reach out to the other participants for feedback if you are struggling. They are there for support. Email Eric with any questions you may have, he is very responsive and open to offering great feedback.

“Drop the mask, ditch the dude!”

Kyle O’Born

Project Manager, W.M. Schultz, Inc.