Ken Howell


If you weren’t competent, I wouldn’t use you. Listening to some of your podcasts gave me a good indication that you knew what you were talking about. You have incredible content, and the guests are excellent. The questions you ask them about their specialties and how you apply them to construction situations we are in are outstanding. Even the guests that are techy experts, you tie them into what we do with your questions.

Your leadership training for my people has been exceptional. You are a great resource to assist me with decision-making about crucial issues like succession planning, people problems, and leadership. Having you as a consultant and your succession guidance is like having my own board of directors. It’s pretty handy.

I recommend your services because you are a business consultant that knows construction. Not only from the subcontractor side, but you know the General Contractor (GC) side, and many of our problems as a subcontractor are with GCs.

There are a ton of business consultants out there, but none of them know construction, and I just don’t always trust what consultants tell me. You know construction, and I do trust you. You’re just head and shoulders above the rest.


Ken Howell, President

Howell Electric

Ken Howell

President, Howell Electric