Jordan Burns – Construction Industry Coach Testimonial


Initially I was hesitant to start working with you, but since I had worked with you before and was in a position to afford your services, I made the decision to work with you once again.

In using your services, I found that having somebody outside of our organization say the same things I was saying, but from a different perspective was beneficial. I knew we weren’t going to come up with anything revolutionary, but you helped to convey the points Vance and I found important to our people.

I appreciated the energy you brought to the table. By not having knowledge of every good or bad event within our organization, you weren’t tainted with any negativity. This benefitted the leaders and the team members. You were also approachable and knowledgeable about our issues.

One of our biggest challenges is continuing positive communication with one another within our company and with our outside vendors and clients. In every one of the classes that we worked together in, I got good ideas and learned techniques to help with positive and consistent communication.

I would definitely recommend working with you. The more that we spend time working together, the more I see you really understand the construction industry is a very unique type of business. You know what we struggle with and your specialized experience is very helpful.

Jordan Burns – Construction Industry Coach Testimonial

President, LB Construction