John Quincy – Leadership Training Testimonial

To whom it may concern:

Quincy Engineering, Inc. is a civil engineering consulting firm specializing in water and transportation engineering with 70+ employees located in five offices. As our firm has grown and evolved through the years, we have continuously looked for opportunities to develop managers and leaders within our firm. Eric Anderton’s Leadership Training course provided an excellent external training platform for our twenty-member, senior staff leadership team.

The monthly classes provided a broad spectrum of topics covering: management (organization, mentoring, personal interaction), and leadership (vision, strategic thinking, communication, motivation, customer service).

Eric was an excellent facilitator, being well-prepared, presented the topics clearly, encouraged open communication, and solicited valuable personal experiences from classmates in a very positive environment.

Some comments of the participants:

“Very good presented, clear, keeps attention, funny, very engaging.”

“Always great content delivered by great and effective facilitator.”

“Eric is an excellent presenter/facilitator-prompts good discussion and follow up questions.”

“Eric did a great job (as always) in getting a lot of participation out of the group.”

“Eric always does a good job of making the subject interesting and light. He is great at drawing out more info from our discussion.”

“Eric does a great job communication the topic and keeping us on track.”

Eric used the given materials as an effective platform to facilitate vigorous discussion and application that was pertinent specifically to Quincy Engineering. He led very lively discussions on what everyone learned at the class, and how they can apply it, not only to themselves as individuals, but to QEI as a whole to make it a better firm. And then the results of the discussions were passed up to the executive level for further consideration. In addition, the group settings, story sharing, and brainstorming sessions opened up new lines of communication and brought current and upcoming leaders together as a more cohesive team in the end.

In general, external training is expensive both in tuition fees and time commitment costs. The best we as leaders can do is find the best return on investment for our training dollars. Eric’s Leadership Training provided Quincy Engineering with excellent value, and we plan on having Eric provide similar training to our firm’s leaders as well.

I highly recommend Eric Anderton’s Leadership Training to not only improve your (or your staff’s) individual management and leadership skills, but also to improve the overall management and leadership of your firm.

John Quincy – Leadership Training Testimonial

President, Quincy Engineering