Joe Skutley

Dear Eric,

Thank you for the opportunity to write this testimonial. 

As you well know, Initially I was hesitant about the cost and time commitment involved, as well as the fear of being vulnerable and letting someone into my business (Including what was on the other side and the back-end work involved of what may be brought to the surface). However, your coaching has been one of the best decisions I have made for my organization.

Through this experience, I have gained greater clarity on my businesses core competencies, processes, and internal organization. You’ve helped ensure that everyone was operating in the same manner and emphasized the importance of expressing core values with my team. 

Your agility & ability to stay on point with each topic of conversation (even when I tend to have multiple items on my mind), was incredibly effective.

What I found most valuable about your services was your step-by-step breakdown of core values and how to implement them into my business. You were willing to meet with my team and understand what makes us unique, which was extremely valuable. 

Your understanding and experience working within the construction industry has been a significant asset, as you understand the language and have a strong presence and understanding of the industry’s internal variables.

As someone who is not naturally a “people person”, your coaching helped me navigate the people aspect of business. You made it easier for me to handle difficult situations and understand when to talk and when to listen. Your emphasis on one of our values of, “sleeping on it”, decision making process has had a significant impact on our team.

Overall, I would highly recommend your services to any business owner, “regardless” of the industry. The principles you teach are applicable across the board, and your organic communication style made it easy for me to work with you! 

You truly understand the unique challenges that come with being a Specialty Trade Partner, and your experience has given me insight into the specific obstacles we face. 

I am humbled by the request to write this letter, as I cannot thank you enough for your support and guidance.

Joe Skutley

President & CEO, SCC