Jeanine Fuller – Construction Industry Coach Testimonial

I was hesitant to use your services because I was worried people wouldn’t be receptive to what we were working on. Budgeting was another reason. Before were started working together, your services weren’t in the budget, but now it’s something I do plan to budget for.

The people I work with aren’t used to being vulnerable and owning up to what they need to work on. I think the more we work on the mentality of, it’s okay to learn, and it’s okay to be vulnerable, and it’s not jeopardizing your position, the more people will open up. I’m trying to make them see that it’s okay to be vulnerable and it’s okay to own it, because that’s the only way we’re going to get better at what we do.

Since working with you I feel my people are willing to try new habits, which is good. For example, at a recent PM meeting, we were reminded to often ask about the future. We also discussed that the goal is to be the best office out there and what that looks like.

I appreciated the time you put into reviewing our real challenges and developing a game plane for us. It wasn’t frivolous stuff, it was hard work, digging deep to look at what things really meant. Now when we go walk a jobsite it isn’t just to check a box and say we did it. We look at the real reasons for walking the site and what the steps are. We also talk about time management now, so we can get one task done and move onto the next.

You came in and provided us a different perspective to look at our things with. To me, it’s important for everyone to see things from a different perspective because sometimes I feel like they have the same rose-colored glasses on that we all have and we’re looking at things in a certain way. So, it’s nice to have somebody else with a different perspective to make you think differently.

The knowledge of the construction industry you brought was a huge bonus, and unique from other, similar services. With you we can get that different perspective and set goals and accountability. If we don’t set those goals, it’s wasted time in a conference room.

Because you possess a unique view and can relate to the people in this industry, I would absolutely recommend your services. You know what you’re talking about when you present the information you bring, but never come across as a know-it-all. You listen to me and the others, and that’s important in our industry. You also manage to keep the people engaged and have a great energy which helps keep the momentum of the meeting going.

Jeanine Fuller Deacon

Jeanine Fuller – Construction Industry Coach Testimonial

Vice President, Deacon Corp.