Gregg Hall

Something New

We have been using the same strategic consultant for almost two decades, but despite our past successes and feelings of loyalty, we thought that maybe a change was in order. Perhaps a different company could bring something new to the table?

Considering a change was difficult. I was most concerned about getting a good, quality experience, that made sense financially, which is why I appreciated Eric Anderton’s approach. He offered a cost-free introductory 2 hour session so that we could get to know each other and see if there was a mutual fit. If we liked him, we would hire him. If not, it cost us nothing.

We kicked the offer around for a while, comparing Eric’s offer to the others we spoke with. Eric’s prices were competative, though not the cheapest proposal we had. Yet, his 2-hour introductory deal kept coming back into the discussion so, we decided to take Eric up on his offer. In just 2 short hours,  it was obvious that Eric was very skilled at his craft and the results he accomplished despite the limited time sealed the deal. We are glad we chose to make the switch!

Construction Savvy

One thing that stood out with Eric was his knowledge of construction and being familiar with terms specific to our field.  Because Eric knows the terms and understands the ins and outs of a construction business, it was much easier for us to communicate and achieve the results we were looking for.

Natural Ability

Eric has a natural ability to drive the conversation where it needs to go and that showed itself in our very our 1st session. Despite having no prior experience with our company, our culture, or our team, Eric, was able to steer the conversation in the right direction without wasting any time. Rather than telling us what to do, he helped us to solve our own problems just by the questions he asked and the way he facilitated the conversation. I would also add that Eric has a natural gift for bringing out the best in the participants. Everyone was engaged and no one felt restricted in their ability to share openly.

Eric Anderton’s personal communication and leadership style, combined with a solid knowledge of construction, allowed us to accomplish so much more than expected in such a short period of time. It is for these reasons that I consider our time with Eric of  great value and I have no hesitation in recommending Eric Anderton to others who might benefit from a skilled strategic planning facilitator who understands the construction industry.

gregg hall

Gregg Hall

President/CEO, Tilton Pacific Construction